Our Curriculum 

Our educators are seasoned professionals who teach skills trough themed based 
lessons.  As the children come in each morning they are welcomed with smiles as they join their friends in various learning play.  When students are in their respective classrooms, we begin with  circle time which consist of greeting the children individually with a special song doing the calendar, weather, special event, news the children want to share, and the agenda for the day. A book is read relating to the theme.  Students then participate in table activities which are engaging learning experiences relating to the theme.  Children enjoy music and movement focusing on specific ideas in the curriculum relating to the theme.  Music helps build awareness by 
listening and learning to recognize sounds. Children have fun while learning the enjoyment of participation.
Children engage in gross motor activities throughout the day.  We play circle games and classic children's games relating to the monthly theme. We use the parachute, balance beam, or just have fun with the playground equipment.  Our classrooms are designed to stimulate and intrigue our young learners. Our classrooms are divided into specific learning centers such as 
writing block, dramatic play, math, science, sensory, etc.  Through our learning centers students also take part in 
activities to refine fine motor skills.
Childcare students are given a morning and afternoon snack. Preschool students have one snack.

August: Welcome Back!
11-15  Getting to know you
18-22  Back to school
25-29  All about me!

September:  Down on the Farm!
1-5  Apples for the Teacher
8-12  Animals all around
15-19  To market, to market
22-26  Fall into friendship

October: Fall!
29-3  Orange you glad its fall
6-10  Fire and safety week
13-17  Helping and taking turns
20-24  Black as night
27-31  Happy Halloween

2014-2015 Themes
November Food, Food, Food!
3-7  Super market
10-14 Food groups
17-21  Restaurant
24-28 Healthy habits

December:  Happy Holidays!
1-5  Traditions around the world
8-12  Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
15-19  Giving and caring
22-26  Christmas Break
29- January 3 Brrr, its cold

January: Reading is Fun!
5-9 Curl up with a good book
12-16 Our favorite authors
19-23 Nursery rhymes
26-30 Literacy review

February: On Safari
2-6  Rumble in the jungle
9-13  Snakes and reptiles
16-20  Mammals
23-27  Feathered friends

March: Spring!
2-6  It's raining, its pouring
9-13  Seeds and sun
16-20  Good as gold
23-27  Creepy crawly
30-April 3  Flower power

April: Space and Earth!
6-10  3, 2, 1. . . . Blast off!
13-17  Oh my stars and moon
20-24  Reduce, reuse, recycle
27-May 1  Protect the earth

May:  Transportation
4-8  Construction site
11-15  Boats & Trains
18-22 Things that fly
25-29  License to drive